You get what you pay for. If you don't mind sharing a room with 14+ people, it's fine. Smells a bit after everyone goes drinking til 5Am, but that just makes sense. I loved the cheap beer and plenty of nice people in the hostel. Private rooms are an option as well. Might be a good choice if you don't want a ton of people going in and out. I'd stay here again if I needed to.

August 13, 2016

Great for the price. 2 euro breakfast was great for me despite being a vegan in Czech Republic! Location was great, we couldn't understand people's complaints about how far away the hostel was from town, we walked mostly but picked up a 3 day travel ticket (approx £10) which took us 50m away from hostel. Cheap and easy. There was an error on the system so we were put into a private double room on our first night, which was a lovely surprise, before moving into our 14 bed dorm.

August 6, 2016

Stayed at the Hostel Marabou with 3 friends on two separate occasions, before and after Let It Roll festival in Milovice. Both times excellent friendly service. Dirt cheap as well. The shared (14 man) room was nicer than the private 4 man room we were upgrade to on our stay before the festival. They even let us check in to the room 6 hours early when they saw the state of us after the festival. Fantastic, I intend to return

July 31, 2016

Hostel Marabou was a super cool place and the staff were very cool and friendly and helpful! 2 euro breakfast was the, and the common areas and kitchen are really nice! Location obviously isn't right in old town Prague but it's really only a 15 minute ride in and the bus/tram tickets are so cheap it's not a big deal at all! Only thing for us that could have been better is there are a lot of people sharing one bathroom (one shower, one girls and one boys toilet).

July 15, 2016

Great value for money and amazing staff! The location is not an issue as there is a bus stop and ticket machine right outside the hostel, this hostel is very chilled and would not suggest if you're looking for a 'party hostel' however all the people we met there were lovely. Like in previous reviews the shower is slightly annoying but not the end of the world for the price you pay, there was a lack of plug sockets in our room but again would not stop us staying there when we return, thank you!

July 11, 2016

Double twin budget room was tiny, which wouldn't matter since we only needed it to crash somewhere at night. Problem was there was no window and the ventilation sucked. Also very thin doors and the school trip full of teenage girls in the dorm room next to ours didn't really give much opportunity to sleep. Service was great though, beer place in the house, yummy pizza available 24/7 with the hostel having their own pizza oven and the best breakfast buffet I've seen in any hostel all around the Europe so far.

Katerina H
May 17, 2016

One of the good old hostels in Prague, still keeping its extraordinary vibe, cool downstairs lounge, nice and helpful receptionists, good breakfast, lots of local and foreign beer on offer, located in a great area and not too far from the cenger, even walking! I recommend this hostel.

January 4, 2016

This is one of the best hostels I've stayed in. The hostel has a fantastic atmosphere; chilled music blares from the hostel's sound system, like minded travellers chill on old sofas and share stories, people meet in the kitchen and drink Czech beers before heading into town to party. I wish all hostels were as social and fun as this hostel. I had an awesome time and met loads of wonderful travellers from all over the globe..

The hostel has very friendly staff with a particularly lovely receptionist. The rooms are clean and spacious. The showers and bathrooms are clean and good quality. There is a great kitchen and there is also good laundry facilities. There is also a bar. Unfortunately the wifi is weak.

The prices of the hostel are great very cheap like, but it is the atmosphere which makes this hostel so great.

The only downside is the location isn't that central. The hostel is located in the district of Zizkov which is a working class area with excellent local bars and awesome cheap Chinese restaurants. The hostel is around 40 minutes walk from the city centre and 25 minutes from the train station. There are frequent buses and trams into the city centre (these are free services) so it isn't really a big downside.

Cathal S
August 1, 2015

Having been traveling now for nearly 7 months, I'm exhausted! Early mornings, missing breakfast and dodgy hostels can really take it out of you!
Hostel Marabou is exactly what I needed!! Traveling on a budget, I walked in the door and a clean, nicely scented entrance hall greated us to which I turned to my friend and said wow this place is too nice for us! We can't afford it! But happily we could! :D Checkout isn't until 11 so I got a good rest, in a comfy, ready made bed! No trying to dress your bed in the dark if like me you leave everything til the last minute. Fully equipped kitchen, with free breakfast until 11!! And the best breakfast i've had in a long time! Its simply bread, jams and cereal but was fresh and amazing coffee too! You can buy beers, snacks and frozen pizza from the hostel itself!
Its so cheap! And on our second night the hostel was full so we were given the option to take couches down in the games room for the night at a discounted price! Excellent for us as you can smoke down there, we nearly fell asleep there anyway our first night! This room also has computers, foosball and pool. As well as a raised mattress for chilling on in a hole in the wall! (Our idea of chillin perfection!) Good and varied music plays at a comfortable level in both common rooms!
Cleanest hostel (out of 4) that i've stayed in in Prague this week.
What really did it for me was the super friendly staff! Which is what I miss most on my travels! In Ireland, you are created with a hello howre you at every counter, which I find not so common over in mainland Europe.. The staff here were welcoming, friendly and helpful!
Good wifi, great atmosphere and very comfortable! We hold a rather high opinion of this place! ;) Not a single complaint!

Fray B
September 24, 2014